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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions…

How long has the Business Club Bucks been established?
We launched the Business Club Bucks in 2017 following the great success of The Business Club Northants which is now a multi award winning networking group with close to 100 members.

How many members are there?
We currently have 17 members of The Business Club Bucks and numbers are expanding all the time with the ultimate aim of having over 100 members overall.

Are there any additional costs over and above the monthly fees?
No, the fees cover everything, 2 meetings a month including buffets, training, and all of the other benefits associated with The Business Club Bucks.
The only other costs would be if you wished to support any of our social events.

Do you charge guests to attend your meetings?
A charge of £15 is made for each guest attending a meeting of The Business Club Bucks.

Do you restrict membership to one type of company?
No we do not, our policy has always been to allow more than one company from the same or similar trade/profession to become members but we will create a waiting list if too many similar businesses apply.

Can anyone from my company attend the events?
Yes –the corporate membership allows up to two representatives from your company to attend any or all of the business meetings.

Do I have to bring referrals to every meeting?
No – there is no pressure placed on any member to pass referrals whatsoever. Naturally relationships develop when knowledge and trust is established between members then referrals and recommendations will happen.

Am I penalised if I miss any meetings?
Not at all, the meetings provide opportunities to develop your own business and also to find other suppliers that you can trust and who could save your company money.
Therefore, it makes sense to attend as many of the meetings as is possible but you are never penalised for missing any of them.

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