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Go Networking to Access Trusted Suppliers

Go Networking to Access Trusted Suppliers

Usually they will give you the best possible deal because they will ask you to give a public testimonial about their service and you have the unwritten guarantee that they should not ‘stitch you up’ because they could be sitting opposite you perhaps at your next networking event!

Another benefit is that they are more likely to then recommend your business to others once a strong business relationship has been formed.

Whilst running the Business Club Northants since 2007 whenever I have needed anything I have always without exception searched for a member to provide it for me.

I have used fellow members for Accountancy, Solicitors, HR advice, Recruitment, Printing, Business Coaching, Virtual Assistants, Marketing, Car servicing, Car bodywork repairs, Call handling, Mobile telephone supplies, carpet cleaners, Stationery, Video productions, Printer/copier supply, Office space, Web design and Social media content, Computer sales and IT service Optometrists, Sports massage, Business Times adverts and editorials, Business magazines, Photography, Sign writers, Kore health, Estate Agency, Golf Professional for lessons, golf equipment supplier, Cold Ashby GC for meetings and tournaments and the Kettering Park Hotel for monthly meetings……plus many more over the years.
All of them without exception have given me not only a good deal saving me money, but more importantly to me, excellent service and I have recommended all of them to other companies.
So next time you want good service try a member of your networking group FIRST!

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How often do you need to buy a new product or service for your business?

Whenever you need something where do you search for it and how do you know you will get what you are paying for?
In this modern era you will more than likely search on line to find the best price enter your card details and await delivery.
Now this is all very well for some things but in many cases you can save a lot of money by looking at your networking contacts and asking them for a quote.


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