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Go Networking to Create a Warm Database

Go Networking to Create a Warm Database

The prime aim of every business owner should be to nurture and to look after their existing customers by providing excellent service. The rewards for this will include repeat or add on sales to them, testimonials and referrals and recommendations.


However, every business at some stage will need to find new customers and will have to look elsewhere to find them.


Whilst advertising on the radio or in the press can be a successful route it can be very expensive so it is absolutely essential that you monitor where all of your enquiries/new business is coming from.
This advertising and some of your social media exposure will be aimed at a ‘cold market’ and the responses from this advertising are totally reliant on a prospect seeing or hearing your advertisement at the precise time when they may be interested.


Membership of a buoyant networking group will usually entitle you to access of its membership database which should provide you with the company, director or owner together with their full contact details.
Therefore, even if you have never met at a meeting you have a strong reason to contact them as a fellow member to offer your services not only to them but to their business contacts as well.
You may choose to begin with an introductory email- but before you do ask yourself this question – “How many emails appear on your screen every hour of the day and how many do you fully read?” So what chance of yours being read and then replied to?
Consider an alternative – how about writing a letter and posting it to them?Ask yourself a further question – how many personalised letters arrive on your desk each week?


Apart from bills etc. I would guess hardly any at all.

Ok it takes more time but why not be different, send a letter and then follow it up with a telephone call to arrange a meeting in the immediate future at their office, or perhaps make an appointment to get together before the next networking meeting.
I would always prefer to visit their offices so that I could get to really understand their business in order to assess if my products or services would be really worthwhile and suitable for them.
Make use of a good CRM system to record all calls and results and ensure that all new members and also guest visitors to your networking meetings are added to it regularly.
This ‘warm database’ should always provide bigger and better results for you, providing  you maintain it and keep in regular contact with every company that is listed on it.
Ensure also that every member and guest is invited to be part of your social media groups too as this will always help to keep your name in front of potential clients.

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