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Go Networking to Create Business Alliances

Go Networking to Create Business Alliances

When you join a networking group for the first time and you go to your first meeting it can be a little bit like your first day of school (If you can remember that far back!!).

You may be a complete stranger to everyone there on that first occasion so your first task is to begin to make friendly conversations with people.

Do not be afraid to introduce yourself and once they tell you their first name use it immediately in conversation whilst talking to them about a variety of subjects for example –


Their business:-

‘‘Tell me about your company?”

“How long have you been in business?’

“Do you employ many people?”……………………….etc.

They will appreciate a genuine interest from you and will usually respond in a friendly manner.


Their hobbies:-

“What do you do in your spare time?

Etc. Etc.. ………try to establish a common interest with them.


This networking group:-

“How long have you been a member?”

“Have you had any business through this network?”…………………etc.

Weigh up the opportunities in this networking group and then make your decision about becoming a member.

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