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Go Networking to Enjoy Building Your Business

Go Networking to Enjoy Building Your Business

Whenever I receive enquiries about membership of The Business Club Bucks I explain to everyone that we do not recruit ‘miserable people’ and then I listen out for their reaction to this fact

Now if they laugh they are usually great but if they go quiet then I begin to wonder because are they at that moment admitting to themselves that they are in the miserable sector?


Our meetings are renowned for the ‘fun’ element that we inject whilst being extremely professional as well!

All members and guests feel welcome and relaxed immediately on entering our meetings and this atmosphere leads not only to an enjoyable experience but it also allows everyone to feel that they can talk business!  Surely that is our prime reason for giving up an evening of our lives to attend in the first place!


Our business slogan is “ENJOY BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS” and in fact we strive to make sure that everybody does just that.

I am truly passionate about creating more and more business opportunities for local companies and I was touched by an unsolicited email recently received from a new member, who wrote that ‘she felt like she had found a new family’  and that exactly sums up how I feel about The Business Club Bucks.

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