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Go Networking to Promote Your Business

Go Networking to Promote Your Business

However, whilst some of these methods may work for certain kinds of businesses they have largely been overtaken by the advent of on-line marketing and social media.

Customers looking for almost any product are now able to carry out their own research at their leisure before either buying online or contacting a website to make further enquiries.

Therefore the ‘face to face’ element of direct selling is certainly diminishing, however going out networking to a captive audience provides companies with many golden opportunities to promote and receive excellent enquiries for their products and services.

Obviously, situations differ at the competing groups but the Business Club Bucks provides members with several different ways of promoting their business to not only attendees at their meetings but also to a much larger audience.

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Here are a few of the ways that our members can achieve this:-

  • Member of The Business Club Bucks website. (Included in the membership).
  • Give an offer to members on the ‘member offer’ page of The Business Club Bucks
  • Access to the members only area on the website
  • Complete a personal interview giving a real insight into their background history and this also is displayed on our website.
  • Give an interesting presentation to every meeting highlighting different aspects of their business to encourage enquiries.
  • Arrange follow-up appointments.
  • When members combine all of the above it is almost certain that they will get a return on their investment and make a profit. 

  • Regular E-mail marketing to the 100+ database of fellow members.
  • Using The Business Club Bucks Social media outlets.
  • Providing a power point slide advertisement for our ‘show reel'
  • Display a ‘pop-up’ banner at the meetings detailing their products & services.
  • Provide a ‘gift voucher’ for the welcome pack given to all new members.
  • Exhibit details of their business on the ‘Member Spotlight’ page

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