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Membership of the Business Club

What is it That Engages Members?

Our motto is “Enjoy building your business!” and from our very first meeting in 2007 we have brought a smile to the faces of everyone who attends the regular meetings.

At that time, they were mostly used to ‘suited and booted’ meetings and when Mike put on a Fez and launched into an impression of Tommy Cooper, it set the scene and 35 new members joined on that first night and several of them are still with us today. (the Fez only comes out annually now when Mike hosts the charity variety show).

When discussing membership with you, we point out that ‘we do not recruit miserable people!’ and if you don’t laugh we begin to worry!

We deliberately choose to hold meetings in the evenings because the chances are you will have finished your day’s work, and be much more relaxed and will engage with everyone in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Our meetings are held in quality venues and hot meals are served at the start of every meeting which immediately presents opportunities for you to chat and get to know other members whilst enjoying the food.

Mike is on hand at every meeting to welcome members and guests as they arrive.

You are then immediately introduced to one of the Executive Members who are on hand to look after you and to make you feel part of the Club from the moment you arrive.

You are presented with a full information pack and a copy of the attendance list.

The meetings open with a warm welcome for everyone and then individual welcomes for you as a guest, new members and executive members.

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A 10-minute presentation from a member is then followed by a table by table individual 45 second presentations by everyone and during this we employ a ‘whistle blower’ who blows a whistle when their time is up and if they exceed this, then they pay a £1 fine into our charity box!

This provides a lot of banter and entertainment and adds to the general engagement of everyone there.

At the break, the buzz of conversation as people meet is very exciting for us as new introductions are being made and business is being discussed. It is a great feeling for we have created these opportunities for local businesses.

After the break we usually have a professional speaker for 25/30 minutes and they provide education and information on a wide range of personal development and business related topics

Allowing the audience to engage in increasing their knowledge and education.

At the end of the meeting it is very noticeable that people do not rush off as they remain for some time afterwards talking to each other and making appointments to meet up at a later date.

You are not pressured ‘to join on the night’ but would be asked to give Mike some feedback before leaving, which to date has always been positive.

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Over the period of our 9 years trading there have been many changes to our membership and although we have several members who have been with us from the start and others who have returned to the Club, there will always be some who leave for various reasons that are outside of our control.

Our retention rate overall during the last 2 years has been 65% however from 1/6/15 to 30/6/16 we have retained 95% of our membership. We have achieved this improvement by maintaining regular contact via meetings, email news, social media, telephone and personal mentoring when required.

The excellent value for money package combined with the members feeling that they belong to a ‘family’ plus a large majority really benefit from membership, all contributes to this current high retention figure.

More than just a networking group.

  • Gain new business.

  • Enjoy a choice of 3 business opportunity meetings each month. At quality venues with a hot meal included.

  • Form strong strategic alliances.

  • Access top quality training on sales, marketing and business planning.

  • Receive knowledge from excellent speakers at most meetings.

Value for Money

  • 3 evening meetings a month (dinner included) with average attendance of 30+ companies and growing -usually with a professional speaker providing education.

  • The focus is on forming strategic alliances to do more business.

  • Database of 100+ members and expanding.

  • Networking, sales, marketing & business planning training.

  • Members can have live links promotion of their business on our website.

  • An advert on our ‘show reel’ screened at all meetings.

  • Numerous member benefits being increased on a regular basis.

  • Opportunities to save money from ‘member to member’ offers.

  • A wide spectrum of member companies ranging from small SME’s to large corporates.

  • Partnerships with various organisations including The University of Northampton which provides access for our members to present their business to students and graduates for mutual benefit.

  • Access to our Facebook and Linked-in groups.

  • We raise funds for a different local charity every year at various social events that include two major golf tournaments, ten-pin bowling, Summer BBQ and a variety show staged by members.

  • Our CEO, Mike Willis brings humour and wit to every meeting thereby creating a very relaxed and enjoyable yet still professional atmosphere. This really encourages everyone to engage with each other to discuss business.

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