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5 ways to ensure your remote team is working effectively

6 March 2018

Running a business isn't easy.

This is particularly true if the staff you employ work remotely or from home most of the time.

However, it isn't impossible to manage a remote team, and remote working has shown to have a number of benefits both for businesses and for their employees. Reports even suggest that 91% of remote workers believe they get more work done in that environment.

If you still need some convincing, we've put together 5 ways to ensure that your remote team is working effectively:

1. Have trust in what they're doing

This might sound obvious, but it's something plenty of business owners forget.

Employing remote workers requires a good degree of trust on your behalf. If you find this hard then you may need to rethink the situation, or perhaps work on those trust issues.

Trusting someone can be incredibly difficult when your business is at stake, but if you show your staff that you trust them, chances are they'll be motivated to work effectively, wherever they happen to be located.

2. Take the time to work on your relationship

When you employ someone on site, you can get to know them, build a rapport and simply indulge in small talk.

This becomes much harder to do if they work remotely. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible.

Make time for a quick chat with your remote staff. This could be every other day or even every day if you both have time. This helps you feel more connected, but social interaction is also vital for people who spend most of their time working remotely.

3. Utilise video chat

Another great way to improve the relationships between your remote and in-house staff is utilise video chat.

Video chat is key in order to convey emotion and to have what feels like a "proper" conversation. Even better, if you can, bring all of your staff together with a group video chat, as this will help them grow as a team, regardless of their various working locations.

4. Set goals and check-in on them

Someone who works remotely is going to be in charge of their own productivity and motivation.

However, as their employer, there will still be things that you expect from them. The key is to ensure that you set goals for remote workers to aim for and achieve.

It's also important to check in with them on a regular basis and revisit the goals you've set, which will give you an indication as to how they're performing.

5. Always give feedback

It can be hard to know whether or not you're doing a good job when you work remotely.

As an employer, that means you need to give feedback to your remote staff regularly. It might feel counterproductive or a waste of time to provide feedback on the majority of tasks they complete, but it's key to ensuring they know when they're on the right track and when they need to improve.

Wrapping up

As you can see, managing a remote team isn't impossible. All you need to do is think about what makes a good team - as well as what makes for good management - and make sure you apply that measurement to all employees, regardless of their working location.

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