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How to nail the 45 second business pitch

22 December 2017

How to nail the 45 second business pitch

If you attend one of our business networking events in Northamptonshire, you’ll be asked to deliver a quick 45-second pitch about your company.


Don’t panic. This is a unique opportunity to tell a room full of people why you head to work each day, and every single person in that room will love to hear what you’ve got to say.


The reason is simple: they’ve had to do it, too.


So, how do you avoid squandering those forty-five seconds? How do you fit your entire company’s ethos, plan and wares into such a short space of time?


As you might expect, we’ve got the answers:


1. Remember that less is more

Keep it simple.


No one needs to know your net profit for the last financial year. Your highly-detailed marketing plan simply isn’t relevant at this point in time. And there isn’t a person in the room who needs to know how you plan to finance your new website.


What people want to hear during those forty-five seconds is you. Speak from the heart, be yourself and talk with pride about the overarching reason your business exists.


2. Keep it light-hearted

Remember - this isn’t Dagon’s Den. In fact, it’ll be one of the easiest audiences you’ll ever have as a business owner.


Keep that in mind as you deliver your pitch. Be free and light-hearted in your approach, and keep the tone conversational. The fellow attendees you’ll meet at networking events like ours aren’t there to be sold to.


3. List two or three of the key things you do and their benefits

“We do X to help your business achieve Y”; that’s all you need to say when briefly mentioning what it is your business actually does. Remember - you don’t have time for detail, just a few honest words on how you help your customers.


4. Smile and don’t rush

This might sound like business pitching 101, but there’s no escaping the fact that forty-five second pitches can be a bit nerve-racking and are therefore susceptible to being rushed.


Granted, you don’t have much time to play with, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pause for breath; it isn’t a lyrical race. If you follow the previous three tips to the letter, you’ll end up with just enough sentences to slot into the allotted time and which can be said with a smile and plenty of air gaps in between.


5. Don’t over-rehearse

There’s nothing wrong with standing in front of a mirror and reciting your forty-five second pitch to yourself, but bear in mind that you’ll probably end up being the worst possible audience.


Ironically, the more you repeat and rehearse a pitch, the harder it will become to deliver on the day. The words will cease to have meaning, and your desire to remember every single word and nuance will likely result in you fluffing your lines.


Run through your pitch two or three times, and then leave it to settle. Trust us - it will embed itself nicely in your brain if you don’t overdo it.


Wrapping up

One last word of advice: enjoy your forty-five second pitch! It’s your moment in the spotlight and, as mentioned previously, you’ve got a great, receptive audience in front of you that’s on your side!

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